Mission Statement

The Institute of Applied Cultural Economics and Sociology is an independent research organization designed to provide a platform for the use of cultural economics and cultural sociology as the basis for strategic interventions into the art markets.

The Institute of Applied Cultural Economics and Sociology believes that the world of the arts is not a meritocracy but instead, due to its integration with capitalism, operates on market principles the same princip...



04012015 - New Fordism At Stroom

From 12 January 2015, a small selection of the things produced during the New Fordist Residency at GEMAK will be available to view at Stroom in The Hague (Hogewal 1-9) for 7-8 weeks. Documentation and paper versions of "The New Fordist Manifesto Residency Report" which can be read below, as well as at the publications section of The New Fordist Organization website (click on menu to the left, under Projects/New Fordist Organization).



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Upcoming Events

12 January 2013, Stroom, The Hague (NFO)

Exhibition of a selection of work from "The New Fordist Manifesto" Exhibition at GEMAK from 2013.