04012015 - New Fordism At Stroom

From 12 January 2015, a small selection of the things produced during the New Fordist Residency at GEMAK will be available to view at Stroom in The Hague (Hogewal 1-9) for 7-8 weeks. Documentation and paper versions of "The New Fordist Manifesto Residency Report" which can be read below, as well as at the publications section of The New Fordist Organization website (click on menu to the left, under Projects/New Fordist Organization).




The New Fordist Organization is pleased to announce the publication of "The New Fordist Manifesto Residency Report" which details the work created for "The New Fordist Manifesto" exhibition which we created last year. The report is an extremely extended version of the booklet which we put together for the exhibition, but has been truncated to include documentation of every work produced, timelines, extended articles and much more. It can be read below, as well as at the publications section of The New Fordist Organization website (click on menu to the left, under Projects/New Fordist Organization). As well as this, a small number of the 100 page booklet will be printed and will be available to peruse at Stroom and GEMAK in The Hague.



08102013: New Fordist Organization Website Online

The next New Fordist Performance will be for the group show entitled "TIME BODY VIEWER" at Kadmium, Delft, NL between 2 November - 1 December. More details can be found here

The next work that the New Fordist will be participating in is the Time Body Viewer Exhibition in Kadmium Delft in November. This project will be crowdfunded so any contributions to help this group-show happen would be greatly appreciated here:


Here is the poster for the exhibition:

24092013: New Fordist Organization Website Online

Due to an abundance of material, the New Fordist Organization now has its own separate website. There is nearly complete documentation of the artist-in-residency at GEMAK in The Hague, all the writings, the exhibition booklet is free to download, videos illustrating New Fordist technologies, the New Fordist documentary "Manufacturing Style" and much more to be found here:

The New Fordist Organization Website

25 September 2013, 16:00, GEMAK, The Hague

On 25 September 2013 David Pocknee and Ana Smaragda Lemnaru will be presenting the work accomplished as part of the GEMAK residency along with the academic Timo de RIjk discussing the nature of Fordism and Taylorism: link

November should see the presentation of a new NFO installation in Kadmium in Delft - more details to come.

New Fordist Exhibition

The New Fordist Manifesto

Exhibition Open: 7 - 28 June 2013
Tuesday - Friday: 10:00-17:00
Saturday: 13:00-17:00

GEMAK, Paviljoensgracht 20-24, 2512 BP The Hague

Finnisage: 28 June, 16:00-19:00

Works by : Robert Blatt, Andy Ingamells, Ana Smaragda Lemnaru, Miguel Peres dos Santos, David Pocknee, Jeremiah Runnels and Leo Svirsky

The New Fordist Organization presents the results of its residency at GEMAK, Den Haag. Over the course of this residency, techniques have been developed for the mass-production of music, choreography, painting, film and sculpture in order to explore the economic, political and aesthetic nature of Fordist and Taylorist models of efficiency when applied to th arts.

New Fordism attempts to face the economic realities of contemporary art production by engaging in a radical re-reading of Gramsci and a re-appropriation of Fordist, Taylorist and Pavlovian theories and working methods. This theoretical assemblage is then articulated through the research-led methodology of The Institute Of ACES. The result is an affirmation of historiography as a creative discipline and a set of works which silently ponder on the nature of the creative act, cultural economics, and labor.

The New Fordist Organization is part of the The Institute of Applied Cultural Economics and Sociology and is a new collective of composers, visual artists and performance artists, set up to apply the principles of mass-production, industrialization and mechanized creation, pioneered by the American industrialist Henry Ford, to the visual and performing arts.

Flyer: http://aces.ricercata.org/gemak/02062013flyer.pdf

For more information about this project, see www.acesinstitute.eu or the blog for this project: http://aces.ricercata.org/index.php?gemak=blog.

23052013: New Fordist Organization Residency

Between 23 April 2013-8 June 2013 the New Fordist Organization is Artist-in-residence at GEMAK in The Hague. They will be improving existing mass-production technologies, mass-producing multi-media performances using these technologies and presenting a two-week exhibition of their work. All of the work done over this residency will be heavily documented and blogged on this site.

The blog is here, or can be found in the "projects" section of the menu

05022013: First ACES Documentary

Below is the first in a series of documentaries we will be making, all looking at different facets, canons and narratives that have defined the art of the last 100 years.

"Manufacturing Style - The Art of the 20th Century" looks at the history of 20th Century Art from the perspective of Fordism, and the effect that this change in production had for the entirety of creative endeavour over the following 100 years. The film is the first documentary produced by The Institute of Applied Cultural Economics And Sociology and was first shown on 24 January 2013, as part of a performance at Wonderwerp at Studio Loos, The Hague.

31012013: New Fordist Performance Documentation

Cut-down Documentation of our 45 minute performance at Studio Loos on 24 January 2013, in which we produced one painting, two orchestra pieces and a piano performance from nothing in three-quarters of an hour.

30012013: New Fordist Organization Residency

23 April 2013-8 June 2013

Between the dates above, the New Fordist Organization will be in Residence at the Vrije Academie in The Hague. We will be working on improving technological prototypes that will enable the mass-production of art and using these to produce a set of mass-produced multimedia performances. More details soon.

15012013: First New Fordist Organization Performance

24 January 2013 - 20:30 - Studio Loos, The Hague (NFO)

As part of the Wonderwerp series of concerts at Studio Loos, The New Fordist Organization will give a performance exploring the aesthetic and conceptual foundations of New Fordism.