Supply and Demand-elweiser

Supply and Demand-elweiser are an artistic collective designed to follow to its logical conclusion the free-market model utilized by the Wandelweiser collective.

Through a re-reading of Frederick Droppe's critique on the group, Supply and Demand-elweiser aim to use the economic savvy of the wandeleiser collective to increase both the market value and profundity of its work.

The genius of wandelweiser is its use of the economic principles of supply and demand in its artistic output. By reducing the musical material and engaging in extended time scales, they are able to create an artificial economy of scarcity; the reduction in material increasing its value. The increase in the value of the work is not only monetary, but also in terms of its profundity.

Supply and Demand-elweiser increase the durations of that of the wandelweiser group, and decrease the material the entire output of the collective being a single five year piece.

The increase in entrance fees to each consecutive performance is symbolic of the increase in scarcity, as this once-in-a-lifetime, five year piece moves closer to its ending.